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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lobo Rose and Daylily Gardens

I have decided to try my hand at this and see how it works out. What better time than when I have started a new chapter of my life. The last few years have all been about change and now I am hoping the most recent change will be the turning point that brings me some peace and happiness in my life.

To give you an idea of the changes the last few years have brought to me, I'll give a short recap of the major events.

I lost my oldest son, Scott, to brain cancer, on February 15, 2009. Then just 14 months later, I lost my father. These losses put me into a deep depression and I wondered if I'd ever pull out of it. That was the turning point that made me realize that I had to get out of my miserable marriage if I was to ever stand a chance. So in July, 2011, I started a year long battle to get out of that mess. I ended up losing nearly everything by the time the divorce was final but it was worth it to finally have my freedom.  I did manage to keep most of my flowers and dismantled the little "gristmill" I'd built for my large watergarden in Ohio. I had to give my horses away, which was a terribly sad day for me, and moved away from my grandsons, which was also a hard blow, but these changes had to happen for me to be able to have any chance of a future.

To let you see a few pieces of my previous life.... here are a few pictures.

Justin Scott Anderson 10/2/77 - 2/15/09

The morning that Scott woke from his brain surgery, a voice spoke to me and said to plant a rose in Scott's memory. I knew then that we would lose him. I brought his rose with me to Indiana and find a small measure of peace in seeing it grow for him.

I built this little watergarden for Mom and Dad in September, 2009. I never imagined that Dad would enjoy it like he did and I
am so glad that I built it when I did since Dad passed away the following April. The day I built it, Dad told me he thought I
was amazing and he didn't know how I learned how to do some of the things I do. But I have to give Dad the credit for not
trying to force me to "act like a girl". He allowed me to be a tomboy and I learned things that most girls don't get a chance to
learn. I have been blessed with the things I was able to learn and have built a barn, dug a pond, built the watergardens, drove a
semi,  and many other things. Thanks Dad!!!!
Here is one of the horses I had to give away and also one of my grandsons. This horse was born for me and as you can see, she was quite the pet. It was very painful giving them away and was also hard moving away from the grandsons........

My last evening in Ohio..... I took the rainbow as a good omen.......and enjoyed my last sunset in Ohio.

And in Indiana, my daylilies and the roses that I took were waiting on me......

And even though you can't begin to tell how many plants are here, I can assure you these waterbeds are holding approximately 3000 daylilies plus what you can't see in the picture are the 15 trees, 8 blueberries, and 35 Christmas Cactus plants I also brought. Oh, plus my three dogs and 5 cats...... lol    And I also brought my little gristmill..... here are a couple of pictures of it in Ohio. I will build another watergarden here in Indiana next spring and will put the gristmill back up. 

I took Austin's favorite rose and about 100 others.....

I think I'll be able to stay busy here...... I've been here a month now, working full time and have replanted 410 daylilies before the drought broke and we started getting some heavy rain. Since the daylily garden is now thoroughly soaked, I switched to the roses and today, was able to plant 48.

Now, off to bed.... tomorrow's another workday.....